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  • Columbus approves $4.2 million to link Camp Chase trail on West Side
    Columbus Displatch 11/4/2014

    Columbus will spend $4.2 million to complete the final link of the Camp Chase Trail that will connect the West Side for bikers, runners and walkers to Downtown via Sullivant Avenue....

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  • Get properties moving

    DISPATCH June 24, 2013

    A bipartisan group of state lawmakers, local officials and experts has an idea that could help get more blighted properties more quickly into the hands of people who will improve them: Allow them to sell at sheriff’s auction for whatever the market will bear, no matter how low the price.

  • Welcome to the Radical Middle
    USA Today 12/27/2012

    Who wants to be in "the middle"? Not many. Or so you might think after a quick tour through cable news, talk radio and the Internet, or after a look at one of those red-state, blue-state maps...

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  • Curtin Looks To Put Statehouse Experience To Work For Constituents

    Gongwer News Service 3/26/13

    Representative Michael Curtin (D-Columbus) is a freshman legislator this year, but he already has more Statehouse experience than many veteran lawmakers...


Help a Child Learn Good Dental Habits For a Healthy Life

Nothing is more important to a child's long-term health than a good diet and good dental habits.

The most common childhood disease is tooth decay. Left untreated, it can lead to a lifetime of poor health, including a bigger risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

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Help a Child Stay Active and Fit For a Healthy Life

Ensuring your child is active and is “just moving” every day is also very important to protect a child’s health.

Doctors tell us that obesity and diabetes are two childhood diseases on the rise. It’s easy to help your child learn to make a commitment to be physically active every day – and that’s a good commitment for moms, dads and grandparents too!

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Please Help a Child Learn To Read

Nothing is more important to a child’s success in school than learning to read early – before entering school.

Each of us can help, whether it’s with your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or other children in the neighborhood. Nearby schools and libraries always are looking for volunteers to help teach reading and improve learning skills.

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Please Support Local Nonprofits

Our community is stronger by the presence of top-quality nonprofit organizations that each day help people lead better lives.

Our neighborhoods are fortunate to have some of the nation's highest-rated nonprofits promoting healthier lifestyles, youth development and life-long learning.

Please support them. See information above about the non-profits in the 17th district. Learn more about their missions, programs and how you can help through your contributions and volunteerism.